As geographers we aim to develop children’s subject skills and understanding by inspiring and igniting their curiosity about the wider world. We aspire to create individuals who are respectful, sensitive and accepting of the world and others.

The curriculum has been developed to be broad and balanced so that the children are exposed to experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. We do this by using primary sources such as field trips that are closely linked to the topic and secondary sources such as; maps (digital and physical), atlases, globes, photographs and books to develop their understanding of the wider world.

Through the curriculum we are creating children that are aware not only of themselves and their community, but are aware of where they stand in relation to this wider world. This is done through a carefully planned curriculum, which helps children to understand their locality in relation to the UK, in relation to Europe and in relation to the rest of the world. At the same time, it is planned to be age appropriate and progress is shown across the year groups. It is chronological so that each year builds on the knowledge and skills from previous years. The teaching of geography gives children the opportunity to learn about people and cultures, current world affairs and knowledge about weather and climate. We aim to raise Eco Warriors who are global citizens and fight for our environment and world.

Geography - Curriculum Documents 

  • Geography - Whole School Learning Journey 

  • Geography - Whole School Approach

Meet our Subject Leader

Mr Crossley is our Geography leader, he is also our Deputy Headteacher.


Our link Governor for Geography is Victoria Binns, Victoria came to school to look at Geography and meet our children.

This year the teachers have had training in how to use Digimaps and enhance the children’s mapping and fieldwork skills.

We are working with a local secondary school geography department to deveop our teachers’ knowledge of teaching geography and the expectations at KS3 and 4.

We were pleased to announce that we achieved our SECOND Schools Green Eco Flag in 2023. The Eco Warriors are now working towards renewing the award in 2024.

Our Geography clubs include;
  • Eco Warriors
  • Orienteering and map reading



Year 6 visited Crompton Way and Church Road to take part in a traffic survey.


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