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Year 2

Year 2 Class Page

Class Teacher: Mrs Hindley

Support Staff: Mrs Crossley, Mrs Bal, Mrs Korny, Mrs Harrison

Last half term our topic was FOLLOW THE THREAD

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Last half term we wondered whether we would like to have worked in a cotton mill.

The topic saw us continue an exciting project we are taking part in with Gallery Oldham to explore the links between Oldham and Kagoshima, formerly the Satsuma region of Japan.

For Topic Launch Day, we used mixed media and collage to create our own boats, the type the Satusuma students travelled on when they came to the UK. Hopefully, artist Isobel might incorporate some of these into our exhibition Follow the Thread at Gallery Oldham this summer.

We found out about cotton mills in the past, looking at the journey the Satsuma students took from Japan to England in 1865 to find out about the cotton industry in our region. We read a diary extract from one of the Satsuma students and used this to write our own diary entries in English, as well as writing a letter back home to Japan to explain what the journey was like. We focused on description, emotion and punctuation, although handwriting and presentation remained the main focus.

To tie our learning together we visited Quarry Bank Mill in March to experience life as a child in Victorian times.

In maths, we applied our calculation skills to problems and looked at 2D and 3D shape, fractions and money. We improved our written calculations for addition, subtraction, division and multiplications, showing our working out and checking our answers carefully. We also continued to work on our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

With our science hats on, we studied plants, planted seeds and carried out experiments to find out how they need to be planted. We also enjoyed our experiments with skittles in the classroom on Science Day.

This half term our topic is JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH