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Year 4

Year 4 Class Page

Class Teacher: Mr Ahmad

Support Staff: Mrs Crossley, Mrs Bal

Last half term our topic was UK GEOGRAPHY

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Topic work this half term is looking at the British Isles and Science learning too came closer to home, with children learning about human bodies and digestion.

An unforgettable lesson saw the children use banana, chocolate biscuits, vessels, bags and socks - yes socks - to recreate their own digestive system to consolidate their learning. In the first half term, we covered the pillars of Islam, last half term the focus shifted to the celebration of Christmas during RE, promoting once again tolerance of other faiths and beliefs.

A trip to our local church Holy Trinity, brought the nativity story to life with stations set up to tell the tale of the birth of Christ. We embarked upon a second trip last half term too, to Gallery Oldham, where we saw photographs in an exhibition named The River of Tea, which told the story of early immigration of sailors and workers from Bangladesh to the UK in the last century, a movement which began with the production of tea in the region.

This half term our topic is THE CELTS AND THE ROMANS