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Year 5

Year 5 Class Page

Class Teacher: Mr Crossley

Support Staff: Mr Guilbert

Last half term our topic was THE GROOVY GREEKS

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Last half term we thought about whether we would rather have been a ruler, a hoplite or even an Olympian during Ancient Greek times.

We looked at the roles different people carried out, about crime and punishment, and the impact that Ancient Greece has had on today's society.

For Topic launch day, we got on our dancing shoes Greek style, sampled Greek food and learned about some of the Gods.

We began by looking at monologues and the children wrote and performed their own in English. Then we moved on to becoming reporters and writing newspaper articles. The final part of the Spring half term saw us studying Greek myths and legends, with the children writing their own. The creativity continued through into art, where we had lots of Greek artists to look at and we designed and recreated our own Greek-inspired design onto a plate.

This half term our topic is UP, UP AND AWAY