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School Vision & Ethos

The World Around Us

As a school we understand the ever changing world our children live in:-

It’s a world where our children not only need academic qualifications, but emotional literacy to help them lead well rounded and full lives long after leaving school.

It’s a world where our children need to understand that making mistakes is part of life and helps us learn and develop. To know that they have the power to make a positive impact on their own lives and the world for the better.

It’s a world where our children need to be able to reach their full potential and we know that the foundation to this is an early development of vocabulary and communication skills.

It’s an ever-changing world where our children need to be secure with who they are and can celebrate the differences of people in modern Britain today.

Our vision is to create a culture of ‘Learning without limits’ at Crompton Primary School and to prepare all of our children for the World around us. In order to do this we aim to:



Inclusion is at the very core of our vision and values at Crompton Primary. Our aim is to break down all barriers to learning for every child and provide the tools that our children will need to navigate school life and beyond. We focus on a strong inclusion programme supported by high quality teaching and interventions delivered by skilled staff. It is our aim to ensure that every child feels safe, secure and well, both mentally and physically.  We believe the delivery of a strong curriculum, pastoral and SEN support and working in partnership with parents and carers will give our children the best foundations.

We believe that by teaching about, and celebrating the diversity of life, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, transgender and class we will prepare our children for life as citizens in Modern Britain. We aim to allow every child the chance to excel, to reach their own individual potential, by removing all barriers for all children, ensuring challenge at all levels and ensuring no child is disadvantaged by what we do.


We strive to inspire our children to be their strongest, highest and healthiest selves, improving the life chances and outcomes for all whilst understanding that this may mean something different for each child. We want to see all our children making progress in their learning and we do this by inspiring and celebrating success and giving children aspirations for a better future. Each year our curriculum will be reviewed to ensure that it contains the most appropriate inspirational teaching, subject matter and resources, training our staff to the highest level to guarantee the best outcomes and positive impact for children, inspiring a love of learning and engendering a sense of confidence and resilience.


Our aim is to become a flagship school in Oldham by using innovative approaches to teaching and learning, developing our core offer for technology, inclusion, mental health and wellbeing and building on our communication friendly early years status to roll this out across the rest of the primary phase. We want to be a school that collaborates with others and continue with an outward looking ethos to share best practices with other schools across Oldham and beyond.


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