How we teach reading


At Crompton Primary School we use the Read Write Inc Phonics programme.

Crompton Primary School is passionate about ensuring every child gets through the reading gateway.  We are passionate about the way we teach Phonics and reading across our school. 

In September 2010 we introduced Read Write Inc. into our school. As a team, we work rigorously to challenge ourselves on the best ways to teach Phonics through Read Write Inc. Every term we invite a RWI consultant in to work alongside, challenge and coach our staff so that we are never complacent with our methods and delivery. We believe that staff should be upskilled constantly. All new staff receive RWI training before they start with us so that consistency continues.

We have a Reading Leader in our school who works alongside staff, team teaches and delivers Master Classes to them every week on areas which we need to improve upon. We believe that fluent reading is developed through early language acquisition, developing a love of reading in our children & Phonics.

 We passionately believe that every child should become an excellent reader.


How to teach your child the sounds

Sound blending books- An introduction for parents & carers

Introducing red ditty books - A parent/ carer guide

RWI and Early Reading Documents

  • Fred Talk for Parents 

  • Progress Expectations

  • Listening to your child read

  • Set 1 Sounds - Read Write Inc.

  • Set 2 and 3 Sounds - Read Write Inc.

  • Early Reading and EYFS Framework

  • RWI Handwriting Phrases


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